Fashion Portraits with Prachi

Apologies for uploading a new post after this long a gap!

For this project, our ideation revolved around clothing that was predominantly defined by stripes, and how we could blend that with the environs around us, one being the scenic landscape side and the other being in a total contrast to it, the street side along with old rustic buildings.

So this shoot happened a week later than it was planned, on a day that was partly on our side, weather-wise. The first outfit was shot on an island, on the river Yamuna, beneath the scorching sun along with the reflected sunlight from the clouds, needless to say, that after this particular outfit was done, we were all covered in sweat and sand! (Fun Fact: I lost my sunglasses to the river, while we were on the ferry taking us towards the island)

And after consuming litres of water, and resting with the air conditioner of the car at full blast, we commenced with the second outfit. We had even requested some of the locals to join the frame, and with a lot of convincing did a few of them agree! Helping us create images with that were in sync with the ideas we had in our mind. Immensely thankful to everyone who helped carry forward this project with such ease. (Tushar, Ish, Akriti and Prachi)

IMG_0059bIMG_0094IMG_0104IMG_0115IMG_0171IMG_0338IMG_0343IMG_0357IMG_0476IMG_0479IMG_0378 copyIMG_0266IMG_0254IMG_0249IMG_0434IMG_0437IMG_0440IMG_0445


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