Experiments with Rashmi

Dreamy vibes of the older times paired along with the softness and fragility of flowers was the theme around which this shoot took place. To our surprise, this was one of the fastest shoots we had done, without compromising on the quality of the content we wished to create. The styling and makeup that brought... Continue Reading →

Katy and Sara

This particular shoot happened in collaboration with Radhika, a fashion stylist, with whom I share my alma mater! It was an amazing project to work on as the theme was very much to everyone's liking, and having observed her previous work which was beyond super, I was extremely enthused to work on this project. Radhika's... Continue Reading →

American Retro is a period in time that really fascinates me. The pop of colours, the style and mood of the entire theme is absolutely enticing. The added benefit was my friend and colleague, Tushar, too has a liking for the same. We work together as a team simply because we are really synchronized in... Continue Reading →

Apologies for uploading a new post after this long a gap! For this project, our ideation revolved around clothing that was predominantly defined by stripes, and how we could blend that with the environs around us, one being the scenic landscape side and the other being in a total contrast to it, the street side... Continue Reading →

Fashion Portraits with Arpita

Last month, I and my photographer friend Tushar, collaborated with an up and coming fashion influencer, Arpita Parmar Singh. It was a project both of us had wanted to work on for quite some time and is an amalgamation of different concepts. The first one is a juxtaposition of Indian and Western styles, representative of... Continue Reading →

And finally I got to visit the mountains for the first time in my life! This experience was one that will be etched in my heart forever. Along with that, I happened to start as well as finish the very first trek of my life! It wasn't anything short of a milestone that also made... Continue Reading →

And after a hiatus of 2 months, there is some new content for all of you! My first attempt at fashion photography. Recently, a group called Delhi Portraits on Instagram, organised a photo walk for portraits at Lodhi Garden, Delhi and I happened to attend it with a few friends! A few guest photographers along... Continue Reading →

On a quest of personal growth, I left for Auroville for a 2 weeks workshop on Bioclimatic Earth Architecture. Now the self growth part comes into play because I was dependent on myself for a period of 2 weeks, from doing dishes to washing clothes to exploring places on my own. It was exciting, overwhelming... Continue Reading →

Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi

In continuation to the previous post, this one covers the second half of my short trip to Tamil Nadu. Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi are absolutely beautiful places to be visited at least once! The blue of the water calms your soul like no other. The Indian Ocean sits comparatively still at Dhanushkodi but its vastness and... Continue Reading →

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