About: Malavika Shekhar

Since the school days I have always been inclined to creative things, especially photography and music. I started with a point and shoot camera at the age of 16/17 and got my first DSLR about 2 years after that. It has been an incredible journey loaded with learning and witnessing some of the most stunning moments of life.
Photography has helped me render my vision to the world, helped me  portray what I see, what I feel. Nothing keeps me going more than looking at the vibrant colours that life has to offer, the numerous stories that have been untold, the way light and shadows make even the most monotonous of places look surreal. Through the years, even though I have been immensely obsessed with colours, I have developed a deep rooted liking for monochrome. Black and white photographs have always been very illustrious in bringing out contrast in the pictures and at times better at capturing human emotions.
I have learned a lot and I have still a long way to go. This website is an unclouded representation of my vision and I hope you enjoy the show!